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On Election Day 2010

On this voting day I am waiting with anxiety-ridden anticipation for the outcome in the mid-term elections.  So much so, in fact, that I can barely write.

Without divulging my political leanings, I will say that people all over the world have gone crazy.  The French are protesting a two-year increase in their retirement age, for God’s sake.  And negative campaigning is almost vomit-inducing and such a turn-off, I’m surprised anybody’s voting at all. 

I yearn for a time long ago when I was young and narcissistic, too self-absorbed to pay attention to a more global view, at peace in my complete ignorance, while world-wide insanity raged outside my little bubble. 

Was there really a horrible recession in the late 70’s?  Back then I was overwhelmed by just surviving, being a single parent, working, praying the day care center I chose was really as good as I thought it was, competing in the workplace with those who had no children, grateful for being able to buy food, pay rent and spend precious hours with my baby girl.  The only sign I remember about that economic crisis was having to wait in long lines for gasoline.  I was the one my boss sent to fill up all his cars.  Not so bad, considering one was a Rolls Royce with an amazing sound system, and among his 8-tracks was a killer Alan Parsons Project.

I didn’t vote.  I didn’t watch the news.  I didn’t read a newspaper. 

I want that back. 

Because now, I know too much.  I see too much.  I hear too much.  I care too much.

Would you believe that I have an acquaintance who votes how her husband tells her to vote?  Would you believe I have another acquaintance who, when given a choice between two candidates, one a crook, one a non-crook, will vote for the crook because the non-crook is a Democrat? 

I’m turning off the TV and crawling into the fetal position until tomorrow morning, when I will wake up, drink coffee, and try not to read the newspaper.



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  1. Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

    Comment by generika apotheke | November 9, 2010 | Reply

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