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Rants from the Chair: On Cretins in Washington

I try not to talk too much about politics and government, but sometimes something happens that literally eats my lunch.

I’m a registered Democrat and I voted for Obama.  But I’m a mutt.  A mixed liberal/conservative.  It just depends upon the issue 

The fact is, both sides suck.  Hopefully, that said, the playing field is leveled for just a few seconds while I express my outrage over this payroll tax reduction thing.

Are you kidding me?  We’re giving the “average” family $1,000 for a year by defunding Social Security?  Who were the “deciders” in this folly?  What are these people?  Cretins, for God’s sake?  Because it doesn’t take a genius to see how wrong this is.

I’m for giving tax breaks to people who really need the money, don’t get me wrong.  I myself have been hanging on to Middle Class by my fingernails, truth be told.  Actually, it feels like I fell off that ledge a while ago, what with people cutting back on ancillary salon services the way they have been lately.  The scarier part is Middle Class has pretty much disappeared anyway.

But to take money away from a Social Security fund which has already been raided and pillaged by people we have voted into office (and definitely not just the presidency), where does that make any sense at all?  I have a daughter who has already contributed a pretty hefty amount into her FICA account, and will likely be contributing more in the future.  Do I think she’ll ever get her money back?  Not at this rate.  And that, my fellow Americans, is dire and appalling.

Someone said, “Why not cut Federal Withholding instead?” 

Thank you!

If we have to provide low-income people with more spending money in order to benefit the economy, and if we have to rob somebody to do it, shouldn’t we rob the Government (and perhaps the benefit packages of our cretinous legislators) instead of robbing Social Security? 

So sorry to end the year on such a negative subject.  For on a personal note, there have been so many wonderful happenings in 2011, for which I am blessed and grateful.

If I could only just shut out the rest of the world sometimes.


Happy New Year!


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