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Stories from the Chair: The Dinner Party

I slipped off my high heels and walked about a mile over concrete and asphalt in my Hanes Alive support pantyhose to the flight crew parking lot where my old ’65 Beetle waited to chug-a-lug me home to Sausalito.  The third toe on my right foot had been numb for months, which was preferable, actually, to the throbbing pain I usually experienced.  And at the age of twenty-three I was in possession of a web of colorful spider veins on the inside of my left thigh.  The little hazards of my job were many.

I had just arrived at SFO after a rigorous three-day trip. San Francisco to Denver to DC to Miami, to Philadelphia and then through Chicago to Denver again, to Los Angeles and finally back home to San Francisco.  Plagued by delays and mechanicals, every single segment had been a packed airplane full of irate and demanding passengers.

I was really tired, but I didn’t care.  I had a date. With Marcus.  You’ve probably heard me talk about him in previous posts.  At this time our relationship was only a few months old, when the mere thought of him caused my heart to bang.  He was older, he was gorgeous, he was charming and he was the love of my life. 

I only had about two hours to drive from the airport to north of the Golden Gate Bridge, grab a shower, dress and be ready for a dinner party Marcus had invited me to.  Supposedly a fun bunch, he said, a sailing crowd he’d just recently met.  So I was jacked.  Plus the guy who was throwing the party lived just a few blocks from me in Sausalito. 

As in-a-hurry as I was, the drive northward from south of the City always captivated me.  Especially at night, when the City approaches, and then the Bridge and the tiny lights thickly dotting the Sausalito hills ahead.  Looking back on the reflective blaze of San Francisco on the Bay water, Alcatraz, then Angel Island and Belvedere, I always felt excited and energized.

Marcus picked me up looking scrumptious in his early seventies Prince Valiant hair style, bell-bottomed dress-pants and a blue shirt open at mid-chest, revealing just enough hair as to make me want to press my face into it.  My God I had it bad for this man. 

We arrived at the hillside, two-story house and were greeted at the front door by a rotund woman in a chef’s cap and a full length white apron tied at the neck and waist.  The Rolling Stones blasted from huge speakers, so without saying anything, she just pointed us toward the sunken living room with her wooden spoon, and as she turned and danced away to the beat of Brown Sugar, it became apparent by her exposed and jiggling broad butt cheeks that she was completely naked under that white apron.

I looked at Marcus. Marcus looked at me.  Together we held hands, stepped over the threshold, and into the Twilight Zone.

Stay Tuned for Part 2


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  1. you do it every time! I want to keep reading and you stop me cold. I want more, Ms. . . .

    Comment by geri wright | January 3, 2012 | Reply

  2. I like this blog it’s a master piece! Glad I noticed this on google.

    Comment by Everette Sallings | January 7, 2012 | Reply

  3. Did I miss every great party ? was i too ripped to not realize ,i was not smooth ? yes, virginia, there is a Marin..Some called it Oz..It was overstated, pretentious,smarmy….oh, wait…that was Me ..i wanted so much to fit in, that I tried too hard not to…Steven Wright…if you could travel faster than the speed of light ,would you get there, before you leave….Doobie Bros. ,hot tubs, blow, weed and cuervo….pool tables, beautiful women who ( swear to God) sometimes liked Me for a short, nova -like period…I loved all the stuff that was bad for me..mommy, how can you love something that’s bad for you ? patience, my child….as soon as you get your drivers license…all will be revealed…if it doesn’t hurt like hell, it wasn’t any good….your blog is a virtual ,visual time warp machine, that takes me back to when i could run, even when i didn’t have to…We must sit and chat….so many ‘ remember whens’…Bill

    Comment by standingonachairbill kennedy | January 10, 2012 | Reply

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