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Stories from the Chair: My One-legged Lover in Paris – Part Five

They said they were cousins from Algeria. 

They said they were both twenty-eight.

They said they were living temporarily in Paris on “family business.”

And they said American women were the most beautiful women on earth.

We sat at that table in one of the world’s most fabulous settings, with these two incredibly handsome boys, for probably an hour.  They bought us drinks, made us giggle, and damn near charmed our pants off right then and there.

They said they were members of one of the most exclusive private nightclubs in the city.  When they asked us if we’d like to go there with them, we thought we’d died and gone straight into the arms of God.  They said there’d be live entertainment and that there was always an American celebrity or two wandering around.  Are you kidding?  We jumped at it!

Then they said, “Let us first get taxi and drive to apartment for smoke pot!”

Please remember, I was supposed to be in charge, a protector for sweet young Sarah. 

But Sarah was game as hell, raring to go, and really, so was I. 

So we grabbed a cab and off we went, on a ten minute drive to their apartment “for smoke pot!”  During that ride I have to say I had a place deep in my gut telling me this might not be such a great thing to be doing.  The feeling grew more intense as we were about to walk through their front door.  But they lived in a gorgeous place, in an extremely high rent area, and for whatever reason, that made me feel a little better. 

They served us a drink.  I honestly don’t remember what.  I was into Scotch back then.  Probably that.  Then they pulled a joint out of a drawer and we all proceeded to get very stoned.  It was nobody’s first time, and we all agreed that the shit was extremely potent, and if I remember correctly, they said it was from Afghanistan.

Although subtly, we seemed to be pairing up.  The taller guy, we’ll call him “Omar,” hung close to me, and “Farouk” was pretty into Sarah.  Plus we were blitzed and having a good time, listening to some music and all, so we just went with the flow.

But all of a sudden I started wanting to move on to that nightclub part of the evening.  I had a strong feeling that it was time leave.

So I said out loud, “Hey!  Let’s go to the nightclub!”

Omar slowly turned his head, stared at me with his dark eyes and said, “Ah.  This is why you choose to be with us.  You use us for nightclub?”

And my heart thudded to the bottom of my stomach.

Stay Tuned for Part Six


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