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Stories from the Chair: My One-legged Lover in Paris – Part Eleven

I am talking about devastating humiliation and embarrassment here.  I mean, usually in the first blush of love, you’re not going to want to make an impression by shitting and puking for twenty-four hours while your almost-lover is waiting with surely the opposite of a hard-on.

Every so often I cracked the door so he could hand me clean towels and bottles of water.

And every so often I tried to venture out, thinking it might all be over, only to have to run like a madman back into my personal, private hell, where in-between explosions I curled on the floor in the fetal position at the base of the porcelain God, and occasionally was able to escape for a minute or two into the land of fitful sleep.

Finally, it was over.

I took a really long and abundantly hot shower and emerged, where he stood waiting, with a fresh clean t-shirt for me to wear, which was so large on me it hung down to my knees, and I crawled into his bed, where he had turned down the covers and fluffed the pillows, and without uttering a word, I pulled the covers up over me and dove immediately into a deep, solid sleep.

I woke up I don’t know how many hours later.  I knew it was nighttime though.  I turned over and there he was, on his side, facing me, fast asleep.  Although it was dark, there was enough moonlight coming in through the blinds for me to see his face, so beautiful and peaceful and sweet.  I couldn’t resist.  I put my hand on his cheek ever so softly, and he opened his eyes, reached up and placed his hand over mine.

And as if I’d known him forever, I moved close, pressed myself against his body, and kissed him.

I’m not going to get into all the sexy, hot and sloppy details here.  My daughter reads my blog and I promised her I wouldn’t gross her out.  But I cannot possibly leave out the part where he was the first man ever to make love to me with his eyes wide open; the part where he was the first man ever to have me keep my eyes wide open too; the part where he was the first man ever to bring me to an exploding climax mainly because our eyes were both wide open, never glancing away, even for a second.

Oh…and the part where I was gleefully shocked and surprised to discover that when a man is missing most of one leg, the potential for deeper penetration is utterly limitless.

The next thing I recall is when we both woke up in the morning and he brought me tea and croissants and I felt so wonderful I wanted to burst.

I was still a bit weak, I’ll admit, so we decided Chris would go to my little hotel and gather my things for me, so I could spend my remaining three days in Paris just with him.  Thankfully Lang was working the front desk, and I arranged for him to assist Chris.  I had already paid for the stay in advance, so that wasn’t a problem.  What was a problem was that I was kind of torn up at the thought of not seeing my friends again.  I resolved then to fly back to Paris at my earliest opportunity.

There was just no way I wasn’t going to squeeze all I could out of my time left with Chris.

How lucky for us he had no gigs to pull him away from me.

How lucky for us Adrienne had run off to England to rehearse for a play.

So we spent my last three days in Paris, never leaving his flat.    

Just Chris, me, and a new but well-worn album called “Elton John.”

And to this day, I can’t hear “Your Song” without being transported right smack back to Paris, to Chris, to the most enchanting time of my life, in March 1970, when the world was the most exciting playpen one could ever imagine.

Stay Tuned for Part Twelve – The Epilogue


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  1. now am reminded of a contest we had to see who would be first to have an orgasm with old fashioned penetration. One would call the other to brag per our agreement. I do recall my phone call to you in 1972? Now this excerpt suggests that you won that one by 2 years if I am not mistaken . . .?

    Comment by geri wright | June 5, 2012 | Reply

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